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202 rickrickaby  
203 GavinSmart Totall agree with this we must save our stocks of wild salmon and sea trout at all costs
204 johncairney  
205 colindavis  
206 barrychopping The current situation regarding the environmental impact of farmed salmon is a national disgrace.
207 GeoffreyButlin  
208 FraserKellyo  
209 DuncanVincent We are running out of time! take action now before it's to late!
210 RayBennett I have sent my vote Thanks Ray.
211 DavidPilling I have not fished in Scotland for the last six years, it is a waste of time on the west coast rivers. I used to go every year before the fish farms increased in number.
212 rebeccahollingsworth  
213 stephensmith agree totally
214 sheilahollingsworth i agree totally
215 johnlewis  
216 HowardHalliwell Lets help to prevent this disaster!!!!
217 KeithRamsbottom Clean up the Salmon farming industry.
218 hazelatherton  
219 raymondmartin  
220 PaulHindle  
221 DavidBradshaw I believe that the farm wast pollution is also a huge problem on many of our Rivers. I believe that we loose thousands of fry and smolts every year. The E.A. should make regular checks in dry water conditions wh.en our rivers run low.
222 davidbirtwistle  
223 BarryNorris Fish-farms should be brought on land, no other industry would be allowed to cause so much environmental pollution!
224 StephenWhite  
225 RodneyPeabody I think this is a well worthy cause and support fully.
226 PeterHolden  
227 MickGuy  
228 ChrisWood I fully support this petition.
229 IanProcter  
230 LesliePetty As a member of the RADAC Fishing club in Ribchester Lancashire we have had many a discussion on the riverbank about the noticable lack of salmon over recent seasons, particularly this year. I fully support any efforts to protect this magnificent species
231 andrewroskell  
232 MartinHothersall  
233 robrob  
234 antonylofthouse  
235 Davidwhittaker its a disgrace what is happening in our waters.
236 kieronwhittaker Please all read this and sign the petition it affects the whole eco system in our waters.
237 GeorginaRoberts  
238 StewartLaws Truly outrageous
239 alistairboswell Urgent action is needed!!!!
240 KevinBerry please stop this farming, the dangers to the seas have been high lighted for years
241 NathanEdgell  
242 DavidMcInally  
243 IanHayes Something needs to be done.....NOW!
244 brianharrison please think about what is happening
245 NickPeat  
246 AndrewHogg  
248 ChristopherNolan  
249 martindevenney as a salmon angler for decades I have seen the decline in salmon runs year on year and fear there will be no salmon for future generations to fish for and admire
250 davidsmith shocking case of ecological vandalism.ban salmon farming,and revoke the new offshore netting licences
251 steveoakley  
252 garrettbarry agree wholeheartedly,just been to scotland for a week as every year (3 fish 6 people)we probably wont return next year due to lack of fish,politicians need to listen.
253 BrianThomas Where is the "joined-up" thinking which politicians often call for?
254 RoryPaterson  
255 FredHigham Lets do all we can
256 AndyMcLeod  
258 TomRamsay Agree with this petition.
259 GeorgeCarson Must we wait until wild Atlantic Salmon are gone before acting? This is long overdue. Salmon face a multitude of problems, The time for debate is gone, the time to act is now!
260 AlastairMoir Yet again man thinks that he knows better than nature and yet again man is making a complete mess of an ecosystem.
261 bryanvardy completly agree fished the nith this year and sightings of salmon very poor compared to past years spoke to visiting anglers recently in pub and they are of same opinion they will obviously fish elsewere if catches continue to dwindle
262 AndrewPease Think of our future and our childrens future . IT DOES matter
263 MichaelWortley  
264 JimBrewell Isn't it time the Scottish govmt realised that the Salmon angler brings more income into the Scottish economy that Salmon farming. By controlling the farming and making them neutral to the Atlantic salmon they would end up having the best of both worlds
265 JulieBrewell It is sad to see the river so devoid of Salmon. Let us hope the powers that be open up their eyes to the cause of the lack of Atlantic Salmon (fish farming) before it is too late
266 paulnolan  
267 ThomasBoyd  
268 JamesCurrie  
269 MichaelGranger I gave up fishing few years ago but feel very concerned. Even from France.
270 DonaldCruickshank  
271 ThomasQuinn Politicians doing what they do best?
272 BillMcKinney  
273 JohnDewar Do not let the nightmare of increased salmon farming happen
274 peterkingsley PLEASE, PLEASE protect our atlantic salmon! :)
275 C. PaulLyttle  
276 stevenashworth salmon farming is destroying natural wild fish. It takes around 7 Kgs of wild fish food to produce 1 Kg of farmed fish. TOTAL STUPIDITY!!!
277 AianBryden Our native Salmon must be saved
278 EdwinPeacock Please somebody listen before it,s to late.
279 MatthewCross  
280 alanProcter Happened vancouver 2008. Fraser river.Very little fish of every species of salmon. Everyone blamed farms off vancouver Island. Following year best show ever
281 GordonHolt Glad to see action is being taken.
282 EmmaVincent  
283 LarryTaylor To all in a position to influence a change of policy which would help wild Atlantic Salmon stocks recover and thrive again: please ACT NOW to reverse this dreadful situation. There's no time to lose.
284 Marc Morgan time the "sea lice farms" with their byproduct of chemically induced salmon were either close contained or close-D down!
285 marcorebora totally agree with this