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Signatures for Save Our West Coast Atlantic Salmon

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101 PaulGarrigan  
102 KeithOstle  
103 ColinBristol  
104 PeterBowen-Simpkins  
105 JohnWhitham  
106 stuartfraser  
107 MICHAELLITHERLAND needs to be supported
108 WilmaFinlay  
109 DerekSandham This must be sorted out.
110 DawsonDouglass  
111 GaryPhillips The value of salmon in our rivers and returning to once polluted waterways is priceless
112 AdrianMills Time to sort this
113 AnneCurrie  
114 markhastings I visit scotland for 2 weeks fishing each year. Scottish government please respond to the plight of wild salmon.
115 MichaelLoveridge  
116 AnneSmith  
117 JohnSmith  
118 ChrisHarris  
119 JackAbernethy  
120 AdamWellings  
121 IanLowry Agree fully. action required on fish farms urgently!
122 AndrewBendall Although I live in Suffolk I travel to fish the salmon rivers of Scotland. More and more I am heading East rather than West, I can bot be the only fisher vacating the West Coast with its depleted runs.
123 PeterGreenhalgh Please respect the natural environment and protect the health of the seas.
124 MichaelIdle  
125 PeterSolomon  
126 paulbristow The current Scottish salmon farming policy is an ecological and economic disaster and I'm 100% sure if I ran any other business in such a damaged manner I would be heavily fined or jailed !
127 byronseymour  
128 DerekTrevis  
129 PierreCHENET  
130 JamesBolton  
131 MRWATSON Something has to be done..
132 KennyMacIver  
133 BrianPoe It remains unbelievable that the SNP...and particularly Alec Salmond...have not displayed any intelligence about this situation.They are collectively, seriously damageing their reputations
134 PeterHickman It is an outrage that Salmond is allowing these practices to continue. As to his claims about extra jobs, he must be in cloud cuckoo land especially if he cannot see that the loss of wild salmon and sea trout is having on local economies.
135 AlbertMoore  
136 AshleyCook  
137 JackieGrunsell  
138 JohnSpink  
139 RichardTorkar  
140 MarkMorris Time to end this short-sighted madness.
141 MalcolmWatson I hope that someday people will take in what is really happening and look at the bigger picture. Short term gain for long term massive loss.....
142 NeilBarcock  
143 williammulholland alex do you give a dam about anything only youself,get the scum salmon out of the sea the three mile limit back and let people come back to scotland and save your country pub bars shops ect two might fish but we could have are wives and children aswell
144 ThomasMonaghan Current salmon farming policy is hugely damaging to our natural wild salmon resourses, damage that is unsustainable and soon to be irrepairable.
145 AndyBrady  
146 SeanMc Laughlin Common sense has to prevail,this madness can't go on, the once prolific west coast is on its knees,the only fish farms should be land based closed containment pens.
147 AndrewCroft It is absolutely outrageous that wild Atlantic salmon should be threatened by the production of farmed salmon.
148 NeilUpton Just returned from NW Scotland and heard about fish farm expansion
149 KenReid Closed containment for salmon aquaculture must become industry practise to help protect wild salmon & sea trout stocks and angling tourism.
150 GilbertBrowne  
151 RussellBalmer Shamefull profiting at the cost of natural salmon and Sea Trout runs.
152 jamesgraham  
153 SeanMcAulay This is a disgrace. There must surely be ways to farm salmon which won't impact on wild fish. Do something now, don't wait until it's too late.
154 SimonCassidy  
155 NigelGeary  
156 ChrisLeah  
157 PaulMcMahon Time for action on salmon farms and these foreign trawlers. Closed containment on the salmon farms and take the boats, equipment from foreigner trawlers in our water and jail them.
158 DaveWilmot  
159 CharlesWeatherley  
160 stuartgornall  
161 GordonDonaldson  
162 richardhamilton  
163 AndyMacLennan Couldn't agree more. Mr Salmond and his cronies are killing the tourist angling industry in Scotland......al because they think that salmon fishing is for toffs! Just wait till he tries to get votes....he forgets how many anglers there are!!!
164 GaryWelsher  
165 harveymarchbank  
166 MarcoRebora  
167 rogerarcher  
168 patriciasmith Our wild salmon need saving! Jobs are being lost due to poor wild salmon runs! Fish farms MUST be stopped NOW!
169 SueMacniven I have been appalled at the short sightedness of those in power to the effect of salmon farming on wild salmon populations. I do not wish to eat food which relies on heavy use of pesticides to keep healthy at the expence of our wild fish.
170 RobertMalcolm This idiot of a man is the reason we should vote no to independace he is a total disaster to Scotland.
171 WendyMcKie  
172 philipburgess whatever is causing the decline must be sorted out by those people who know how to sort it!! I am simply a returning/tourist fisherman who loves the west coast...long may it remain!
173 keithwilds  
174 markschaffield Save our wild salmon.
175 JanFletcher Please just listen to what everyday people want
176 GrahamJones  
177 KennethHanks All that seems to happen about the salmon problem is talking and nothing concrete takes place. People then lose heart and bury their heads in the sand hoping the problems will go away.
178 stephen johngallop Let our salmon stay wild instead of farming then to death
179 anitagallop keep our salmon wild
181 KARENELSWORTH They should never have been allowed to let it reach this appalling state, It's a disgrace!
182 JamesMassey Closed containment of all farmed salmon must become mandatory.
183 JimHayes The situation is in rapid decline at present and needs some joined up thinking, soon.
184 margaretrickaby i agree whith the letter concerning farmed salmon but alot of the broblems lay a little closer to home
185 JohnYoung Great Cause
186 AllanDyson  
187 JMacLeod We are destroying the balance of nature that supports the wild salmon, a wonderful species of fish that supports tourism through sport and makes a significant contribution to our economy. We need to be honest about the scientific facts, be more creati
188 MarkMcKie  
189 AlastairPaton Why are the MSPs allowing the Scottish civil servants to cover up this atrocity and hide statistics that would crucify the fish farming industry? One only needs to look at the questions asked of John Scott MSP to see the ignorance on the subject - see T&S
190 MurdoCrosbie  
191 BrianLow  
192 CraigHughes Something really needs to be done now to help the wild salmon stocks before it is too late, thats if we are not already!!
194 ChrisDucker  
195 GSMacleod  
196 juliepeck  
197 Norman JohnMcIntosh I wish you success in this campaign.
198 alanwhiteside  
199 GrahamSmith  
200 DennisCorcoran