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1 peterflatley i agree with this petition
2 fredmarsden This cannot be allowed to go on,another poor season like this and we will all be joining trout fishing on inland waters
3 DavidClarkson I back this campaign whole heartedly its time the Scottish goverment open their eyes they must see that the Atlantic (Scottish ) wild salmon is iconic to Scotland destroying this beautiful fish will destroy the image of Scotland
4 DavidKevill  
5 ericroberts  
6 AlexEvans  
7 RobertJackson  
8 JohnBrown  
9 JamesBirtwistle  
10 DerekHarwood I totally agree with the comments and the actions needed. This has been a disastrous salmon fishing season on the Ribble and comments by anglers on the Border Esk, Lune and Eden confirm the spread of the problem.
11 paultemple  
12 EdwardSpencer  
13 williamchisholm  
14 PeterWestwell Over the last 3 seasons,I have not enjoyed any success whatsoever.
15 richardingle  
16 ianking THE LETTER SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!
17 PeterLEWIN Absolutely disgusting what is happening. We don't want farms to sell fish to China; they don't care about the environment or anything to help wildlife. They just want money. Let the UK and the countries around look towards a healthier and growing environ
18 ChrisKing THE greatest threat to wild atlantic salmon...
19 AlexanderClements Immediate action is now required, or we could decimate our native salmon stocks.
20 danielgriffiths  
21 chrisking THE biggest threat to wild atlantic salmon - why don't the so called "salmon conservation organisations" deal with this first and foremost????
22 NicholasMillward Please act now
23 malcolmblake  
24 GregoryEarnshaw  
25 StuartSmith  
26 JohnCrook  
27 DeclanAdams  
28 AlanBeckett Save our salmon, save our salmon
29 JamesGilbraith It’s time we stopped letting money dilute the environmental facts. Let’s nurture our resources & learn from past mistakes
30 NevillePinheiro  
31 PaulMercer  
32 petehaslam  
33 leslieward my thank's to everyone organizing this petition,for giving me a chance to register my worries for this wonderful fish
34 JimSaddler  
35 GlynMerga  
36 marcholmes  
37 WilliamBarker  
38 John MBarrett  
39 BarrieLancaster please take note of all the facts and arguments presented in this petition and make the correct decision.... Protect the Atlantic salmon for future generations to enjoy, particularly in our UK waters
40 SusanHigham  
41 TerenceOvery  
42 SimonTodd  
43 MichaelMoore  
44 DavidMeredith Why destroy this wonderful spices for politics.
45 pauljackson  
46 SamValentine  
47 GaryCopeland Time for Action
48 brianwells  
49 christian winwood not seen one salmon this year,now i see why.
50 craigburton Very well put.
51 BryanHollinworth We must endeavour to work together, to maintain both Sea Trout and Salmon,to all parts of the British Isles. A compromise must be reached between Anglers and the commercial cohort. Thanks in anticipation, HH.
52 jeffreybrierley  
53 PaulYoung  
54 raystagg  
55 sheilasmith  
56 robert wesleyboyle  
57 BarrieSwales  
58 DouglasMasson  
59 BarryIngham I applaud this report and commend it to everyone who can get their hands on it.
60 PaulRichardson  
61 ianspencer lets stop this now the seas around our coast are being plundered it would be different if we were doing it around there coast
62 GrahamFulton-Smith  
63 JamesRobertson Good luck - must win this fight
64 peter j.swilson  
65 TrevorLingard  
66 stephengreenwood  
67 thomasSmith  
68 keithTaylor  
69 StephenHarrison We have to save wild salmon
70 petersharples  
71 OrlandoFinzi  
72 NeilTurner  
73 GraemeProud This is frightening and wholly unacceptable, the Scottish government should be held to task for allowing these fish farming organisations to get away with what they are doing. Or are the ministers themselves share holders with these companies
74 ChrisHeap There's truth in the old addage"All That Glitters Is Not Gold."Exports to China will be here today and bought out by them soon after, as indeed all of our profit making industries have been. Wake up and protect what is already ours!
75 christaylor The commercial interests that buy the farmed Salmon should be targeted for not selling ' RESPONSIBLY SOURCED SALMON. '
76 PeterLaws  
77 johnkirby  
78 ChrisBreen Wake up to the scourge of Salmon farms before it's too late
79 LeeCummings  
80 CharlesHinks  
81 JamesHazeldine  
82 SueMoses  
83 GeoffSnape In adition to sea lice it is criminal for sand eels to be harvested for fertiliser in tens of thousands of tons. Everything in the food chain is affected including fish and birds. Can't RSPB help? They are a powerful organisation.
84 JohnPape Firstly upland drainage depleting water levels for fish to run, then over control of fish eating birds and finally the surviving smoltshave to face the bombardment of sea lice. Come on wake up governments!
85 tonybritton get it sorted quick
86 JohnDoyle  
88 JackHolroyd  
89 JamesKent  
90 JohnSquires  
91 MargaretSquires  
92 DaveBuckley  
93 JamesRey  
94 MarkMcGillivray  
95 PaulNeedham  
96 AlanRoe  
97 jamesmacdonald  
98 MarcWhalen I am absolutely disgusted by the current Scottish goverment and their apparent agenda to pander to the needs of fish farms and man's greed with regards to over fishing in our seas. Alex Salmond thinks very little of wild salmon and sea-trout stocks .
99 BenMcCarthy  
100 StuartMcArthur Shocking how this is allowed to happen. In this day & age solutions can surely be made. What's more important a few companies making millions or a national treasure/tourism??!!!